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I was so surprised to see their progress

I chose the two-week board and train for both of my dogs because I thought they’d benefit most from being separated from me to learn. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle being away from them for two weeks but the videos and pictures I get on a daily basis really help!

My trainer is amazing, I was so surprised to see their progress with her just after day one. I pick up my babies in just a few more days and I’m so excited to have them back and be able to take them out in public without being worried about their behavior!

Emma T

Emma T.  // Verified Google Review

100% comfortable

I cannot say enough about my trainer. I had some concerns about leaving my dog for 2 weeks and she addressed them and made me feel 100% comfortable. She stayed in constant contact with us and was very honest about Lilo’s progress.

She was extremely thorough at turnover and showed us exactly how to work with our dog to keep her on track. My trainer has checked in with us several times since Lilo has been home and I would certainly use them again with our future fur babies!

Marissa H

Marissa H.  // Verified Google Review

I highly recommend Off Leash K9!

Our dog, Huck, was fearfully aggressive and a bit of a bully to his pack. My trainer really helped Huck start his retraining with his 2 week “camp.” She was excellent with him, and he stayed in her home, so he was able to learn much needed “place” and visitor manners.

We are so thankful for her work with Huck and plan to continue working with Huck, both on our own and with my trainer’s generous forever training! She will also be helping us with our other dogs going forward. I highly recommend Off Leash K9!

Barbara S

Barbara S.   // Verified Google Review

exceptional training for your dog

My husband and I could not have hoped for a better experience with our pup’s training. If you are even considering training for your dog, shoot Off Leash an email! They are quick to respond and will walk you through different options for the training that best suits the needs of your dog.

My trainer sent us multiple daily updates of our 7 month old golden retriever while he was with her for a two week board and train program. Before his training, Bentley would counter surf while we cooked dinner, jump on all of our visitors, whine in his crate, and basically NOT obey any commands we gave him.

After the training, however, he sits and/or stays in place until he is released, he automatically heel walks beside us around the house, and he goes into his crate of his own free will—no more wrestling to get him in there!

We are SO PLEASED with Bentley’s training and the care with which my trainer treated not only our dog but us as well. We hold Off Leash Memphis in the highest regard and highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional, exceptional training for your dog.


Jessica P.  // Verified Google Review

K9 helped put my mind at ease

I have well behaved dogs and piece of mind thanks to Off Leash K9! We had a one year old baby and brought home a very active golden doodle. My older schnauzer was having a rough time transitioning to the new pup, and my pup was knocking over my toddling toddler.

K9 swooped in and after 2 weeks there were less injuries and I had two animals that were trained well and getting along. I was concerned there was animosity between them I was not recognizing and K9 helped put my mind at ease.

Thanks guys!

Kristen P

Kristen P.  // Verified Google Review

I recommend Off Leash K9 100%

Franny was so scared and shy of people. After her 2 weeks of board and training we got a totally different dog. She still has problems but being a dog that was abused is a normal thing. We’re always working with her and taking her to different places. Her favorite place is going upstairs to visit my daughter and hanging out in her room!! I recommend Off Leash K9 100%.

Rori L

Rori L.   // Verified Google Review

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